Automated Software inventory for everyone

Network Inventory Advisor is a software management tool for discovering and tracking software and hardware computer inventory.

Keeping inventory costs money

Network Inventory Advisor has a 15-day trial, so you have a chance to try the Network Device Discovery Software. For non commercial users and businesses, our pricing is really friendly. Thanks to awesome features Network Inventory Advisor helps many companies save on their software inventory needs. It provides a fast, scalable and agentless inventory with low overhead.

Secure network-wide software inventory helps you run a company knowing what is installed where, whether you have enough licenses purchased, or if there are unused licenses that you don't need to renew. Computer Asset Management Software features convenient reports for manual data entry on your software infrastructure, as well as fully automated license compliance statistics on most popular software titles.
Keeping inventory

Software asset inventory management

Built-in reporting and charting in Network Inventory Advisor is second to none, providing flexible software inventory and auditing information at a glance. With our Network Inventory Management Software your network is constantly under control being updated with the latest audit results. Monitor your network software environment and manage your software assets with ease.
Inventory management

Enterprise software inventory

Software inventory and management modules in Network Inventory Advisor are simple enough to be used by any employee, and powerful at the same time. You can build customizable reports on software changes, license keys used, applications installed on certain nodes, and reversed software reports that show where a specific software title is installed or is missing. Software Licensing Audit Tool is aimed to provide the most effective software and hardware inventory functionality at a very affordable price, and even for free!
Enterprise software inventory

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Runs on Windows. Scans Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, SNMP.