Network Monitoring Software Explained

Network monitoring is a continuous activity that measures the performance and status of a network to discover problems and alert the network administrator when a problem is detected. Network monitoring has always been essential for preventing network outages and optimizing network performance, but its importance has increased significantly over the past decade.

Microsoft Network Monitor

The Internet has revolutionized virtually every industry, and businesses and organizations have become dependent on their online presence. Nowhere else is this more apparent than in retail. A single prolonged network outage over the holiday shopping season can cost even a relatively small retailer hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

But even businesses and organizations with limited online presence can suffer gravely when they experience a massive network outage. Without access to the company network, employees are unable to do their work as deadlines get closer and closer. This can lead to lost contracts, public outrage, and huge damage to the company’s image.

A reliable network monitoring software solution helps network administrators maintain excellent network health and quickly deal with any issues or outages. With the right network monitoring tools, any business or organization can significantly improve its ability to compete in the global market and face all challenges presented by our always increasing reliance on modern technology.

One of the most frequently used network monitoring tools was developed by Microsoft for their Windows operating system. Microsoft Network Monitor, sometimes called Windows Network Monitor, is a free network monitoring software and packet analyzer that can capture, view, and analyze network data and decipher over 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols.

The latest version, Network Monitor 3.4, supports process tracking, simultaneous capture sessions, real-time capture and display of frames, reassembly of fragmented data, sniffing of promiscuous mode traffic, and grouping by network conversation.

Unfortunately, Network Monitor 3.4 was released in 2010, and Microsoft hasn’t released any newer version since then. While Network Monitor 3.4 supports both the 32-bit and the 64-bit architecture, it’s never been tested with any version of Windows newer than Windows 7.

Other Network Monitoring Software

It’s still possible to use Microsoft Network Monitor, but there are now far more network monitoring tools available than there were when the latest version was released. Most free network monitoring software solutions maintain a sharp focus on a single aspect of network monitoring, such as device discovery or packet sniffing.

Every network administrator should be familiar with some of the most popular free network monitoring tools since they can be indispensable for diagnosing and fixing certain kinds of network issues. But as useful as free network monitoring software solutions can be, they are no replacement for comprehensive network monitoring software.

A great example of a complex network monitoring software solution is Network Inventory Advisor. This professional network inventory software combines automated hardware and software asset discovery with pro-active network monitoring in a single cost-effective package.

With Network Inventory Advisor, you can create a detailed inventory of all computers and devices running on your network in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it manually. Network Inventory Advisor supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and network devices using the SNMP protocol. For each discovered computer, Network Inventory Advisor collects a complete hardware profile, allowing you to remotely see what kind of a processor any computer on your network has or how many gigabytes of RAM are installed on it. Computers and devices not connected to the main network can be added manually using an exportable audit agent. Non-IT assets are supported as well by Network Inventory Advisor.

As important for network monitoring as the overview of all existing hardware assets is, network administrators need to go further if they want to have a complete understanding of how data flows over the network. In other words, they need a robust software asset management solution. Network Inventory Advisor can remotely collect licensing information for more than 500 software vendors and their products. This includes Adobe, Microsoft, and many other big names in the software industry. The information Network Inventory Advisor gathers about active software licenses turns software auditing from a dreaded activity into a process which can greatly benefit everyone from IT staff to managers.

Network Inventory Advisor is professional network monitoring and asset tracking software suitable for businesses of all sizes, especially SMBs who desire to grow and operate as efficiently as possible. As a professional software solution, the software costs money. The exact amount you will be asked to pay for a license depends on the number of nodes on your network. But before you pay anything, you can test the software for up to 15 days by downloading the free trial version from the official website. Non-profits, government agencies, educational organizations, and existing customers upgrading from older versions are eligible for various discounts.

Why Use Network Monitoring Tools

Perhaps the biggest reason for investing into a capable network monitoring tool such as Network Inventory Advisor is how easy it is to benefit from its features and capabilities. In the case of Network Inventory Advisor, the initial asset discovery process is completely automated, and subsequent asset tracking can be scheduled to automatically run at set intervals. Without spending any time on it, you can benefit from having a complete inventory of your hardware and software assets. And with the automated alerts Network Inventory Advisor can send you when it detects a problem on your network, you won’t have a problem keeping your network running like a well-oiled machine.

Network monitoring is complex and its nature is always changing, but modern tool such as Network Inventory Advisor make it approachable to anyone. Don’t compromise your business efforts by neglecting your network. Equip yourself with the right tool that allows you to build a solid foundation upon which you can outgrow your competition.

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