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Network Inventory Advisor is a powerful network discovery tool created for small to large businesses for full hardware and software audits. With this solution you are able to detect network devices like printers, scanners, servers, etc.

Discover network devices automatically

Network Inventory Advisor is a network discovery software for the most detailed network inventory, offering SNMP monitoring to discover the SNMP devices on the network. Network Inventory Advisor is ready to set up within minutes regardless of the size of your business. It is going to become your favorite assistant, super helpful around large networks with various equipment by multiple vendors.

You can set up a recurring network scanning to be always ahead of what's going on on the network or just perform discovery once in a while when needed.
Network Inventory Advisor

Remote management

With Network Inventory Advisor discovery network tool you can get the list of devices on the network even remotely. Scan a group of the computers on the network or choose which computers to scan with an inventory scanner. Network Inventory Advisor displays results of network discovery explicitly and offers the possibility to export them in a file.

All the scanning processes are performed quietly in the background and are invisible to the users over the network. The gathered data is centered in a database and includes the app name, version, installation date, and other details.
Remote management

Performance Reports

Every network Network Inventory Advisor detects can be scanned for a brief overview that can be used for a presentation. This network monitoring software offers preset as well as highly customizable reports for your convenience.

After scanning and collecting the data about all the assets on the network was completed, you can save the structure of this network and make a backup copy for your future references.
Network monitoring

Keep your network safe

Keeping your network secure is not so easy and the core task is knowing your network inside out. Big help in this is proper network discovery and mapping. How do you even know what exactly you need to secure if you don't have the up-to-date network diagrams and inventory data?

A network discovery, inventory, and network audit solution - Network Inventory Advisor - scans through the network thoroughly in order to discover network devices and collect all necessary information about them. Reports can include info on software licensing, capacity utilization, configuration, unauthorized devices, and hardware warranty status.
Network safe

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Runs on Windows. Scans Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, SNMP.