January 2, 2021

The Growing Importance of Network Analyzer Software

No wonder then that the importance of network analysis has increased exponentially in recent years. The goal of network analysis is to provide network administrators the visibility they need to keep the network up and running and continuously improve its performance.
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Network Inventory Advisor
Automatically collect all relevant data on all network devices and get detailed OS and devices statistics.
Network Inventory Advisor for Windows scans Windows, Mac OS X, Linux computers and SNMP devices, any of them will count as a node.

What Is Network Analysis?

With organizations rapidly increasing their digital footprints, networks are becoming more complex and more difficult to manage. They grow in size, change to accommodate new technologies, and even spontaneously burst outside the premises to accommodate heavy workloads. Network administrators are under substantial pressure to keep such networks up and running, and the repercussions for failing to do so can be severe, especially on the security side of things.

Network analysis can be quite daunting, but there are fortunately many network analysis tools to choose from, including Network Inventory Advisor, easy-to-use network analysis software that delivers professional results.

“Network Inventory Advisor is an easy-to-use network analysis software that delivers professional results”

So, what network analysis is? Network analysis is the process of recording and monitoring all IT and network assets that make up a certain network, allowing network administrators to maintain a record of all IT and network equipment within the organization.

Even though network analysis may seem like an unnecessary burden, it actually has many benefits for the entire organizations—not just the IT department. When an organization performs an in-depth analysis of its IT environment, it gains insight into what may need to be improved within the IT infrastructure.

  • Identify security threats: Shadow IT, a term used to describe IT resources that are not supported by the organization's central IT department, represents a huge security threat. Network analysis helps network administrators identify IT resources that have entered the organizations without approval and deal with them in an appropriate manner.

  • Aggregate software licenses: The average organization uses countless software products from many different software vendors, and keeping track of software licenses can be difficult. However, compliance with software licenses is essential for passing audits and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Better utilize existing resources: Many organizations have vast IT resources they don’t even know about and utilizing them to their fullest potential is often the most cost-effective way how to increase performance and minimize spending.

  • Align IT and business goals: Visibility is essential for any organization to align its business goals with its IT capabilities. Without complete visibility, it’s easy for organizations to overestimate their resources and end up in an unfavorable situation.

In the past, when networks were much smaller and less complex than they are today, it was possible to perform network analysis manually, but that’s no longer the case today. These days, networks are far too complex and large for network administrators to analyze manually, but the good news is that there are many network analysis tools network administrators can choose from.

What Is the Best Network Analysis Tool?

Network administrators can choose from many network analysis software tools, but not all of them are created equal. Network Inventory Advisor is a scalable and cost-effective network analysis solution that makes it very easy for network administrators to perform network analysis and gain complete visibility into their IT resources.

Unlike many other network analysis tools, Network Inventory Advisor can track for hardware and software resources, making it indispensable when it comes to achieving regulatory compliance and preparing for audits. It can track software products from over 500 vendors.

Network Inventory Advisor can track for hardware and software resources

From network devices to individual computers and their configuration to peripherals, Network Inventory Advisor is able to create a comprehensive inventory of all available hardware resources. It takes Network Inventory Advisor just a few minutes to scan hundreds of computers, and network administrators can automate the scan process to save time and energy. In addition to typical hardware resources, Network Inventory Advisor can also keep track of non-IT assets, such as office furniture.

All Windows nodes, Macs, Linux machines, SNMP network devices are supported by Network Inventory Advisor. The most recent version of Network Inventory Advisor allows network administrators to create and manage multiple networks and switch between them with a single click. This functionality is especially useful for the providers of managed services, allowing them to accommodate new clients with ease.

Network Inventory Advisor manage multiple networks

Network Inventory Advisor features an extremely powerful and flexible set of network alerts, making it possible for network administrators to automatically receive alerts when a network change takes place. In addition to automatic alerts, Network Inventory Advisor can generate comprehensive reports with a single click, helping IT staff communicate with the C-suite. The reports can be exported into CSV (for Excel), SQL (for MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL or other DB engines), HTML, PDF, XML, as well as an internal format.

Anyone can download Network Inventory Advisor for free and use it for up to 2 weeks to see what it has to offer. After the trial period is over and it’s time to purchase a Network Inventory Advisor, the final price is determined by the number of network nodes, making this network analysis tool great for companies of all sizes. Every Network Inventory Advisor license includes free minor upgrades as well as expert customer support.

Editor’s choice 2019
Network Inventory Advisor
Automatically collect all relevant data on all network devices and get detailed OS and devices statistics.
Network Inventory Advisor for Windows scans Windows, Mac OS X, Linux computers and SNMP devices, any of them will count as a node.


To remain competitive, organizations are increasing the size and complexity of their networks, which makes it more difficult for network administrators to keep track of all available resources and ensure compliance. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the importance of network analyzer software tools is growing.

With Network Analysis tools such as Network Inventory Advisor, network administrators can maintain the visibility they need to utilize all existing resources to their maximum potential and plan for the future. Network Inventory Advisor simplifies network analysis to such an extend that it ceases to be a burden, becoming a massive competitive advantage instead.

Editor’s choice 2019

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