Network Inventory Advisor for Mac — simple, affordable, super-powerful

Network Inventory Advisor for Mac OS X scans your Mac network in minutes.

Inventory of OS X computers

You will need just a minute to get Network Inventory Advisor for Mac up and running. It finds and quickly scans remote Macs via Bonjour, by IP or network names, or by just probing a IP-addresses range. No need for additional databases or Java servers running somewhere.

Network Device Scanner for Mac works from any Mac OS X 10.6+ computer and only requires remote login to be enabled on target nodes and your network admin password to build beautiful reports on every piece of Mac hardware, software and license audit on the net.
Software and hardware inventory

Speedy Mac networks audit

Download and install Network Management Tool for Mac by just dragging the app to your Applications folder and run your first network scan instantly. Network Inventory Advisor collects all details about software and hardware present on the other Macs in your network and does this in a simple native Mac OS X user interface anyone would master in seconds.
All-in-one network inventory

Software Asset Management the Mac-style

Network Inventory Advisor for Mac makes it easy to find computers on network, track all the inventory data about remote Macs and report all information you need to manage any number of Mac OS X computers from your desk. All connected devices, CPU details, network configuration, startup items, power settings and a ton of other valuable information becomes available to you for every new Mac computer you add to the inventory.
Software licensing audit

Effortless network reporting

Once the data is collected it can easily be exported into a web-page or PDF for further presentation or sharing. Flexible tabular reports provided by Software Inventory Management Tool let you build powerful inventory templates and create custom tables of whatever data you need to analyze about your Mac network.

Hundreds of inventory objects are waiting to be associated with Mac computers on your network for in-depth management and transparency of the information and devices flows in our company.
Custom nodes inventory