Simplifying Inventory Management with Network Inventory Advisor

In the past, most SMBs owned just a few computers running software products from a handful of vendors. Now, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to have more hardware and software assets than many huge enterprises would have just a few decades ago.

Characteristics of a Good IT Inventory Management System

Because modern businesses already start with large information technology inventories, inventory management tends to become a huge issue soon after businesses outgrow the stage of infancy and expand their operations to serve more customers and business partners.

Inventory management for small businesses is often particularly problematic because their owners feel that enterprise-level solutions don’t meet their needs and might prevent them from focusing on their core businesses. At the same time, traditional inventory management and asset tracking methods are unfit for the digital age, making the choice of the right inventory management system difficult.

A good IT inventory management system for the digital age simplifies tracking and management of software products, licenses, and hardware across systems and networks. It supports many products from popular vendors and can intelligently discover hardware regardless of the operating system. Inventory scanning and discovery with a recommendable inventory management solution is fast and requires very little overhead.

A good IT inventory management software also goes beyond the basics. It displays all relevant information at a glance and actively keeps track of software licenses and monitors hardware changes. Using the collected information, the system generates detailed reports with asset summaries, making in-depth auditing easier.

Last but not least, a good IT inventory management app ties the digital world together with the physical world. It can track even non-computer assets, such as furniture or appliances. Having all assets under one roof promotes information clarity and reduces the total time spent on inventory tracking.

Selecting Inventory Management Software

The process of selecting the best inventory management software from several available solutions should focus on meeting business needs and requirements. Every business is different, so it’s understandable that a solution preferred by a business of one kind could be unfit for a business of a different kind.

But regardless of individual preferences, all businesses should select inventory management software from a reputable vendor with years’ worth of industry experience. Such vendor is likely to offer a polished product that has been perfected over the years based on the input the vendor has received from its customers. A proven track record of success and strong market presence suggests that the vendor is a good business partner with whom others are keen to establish long-term partnerships.

Any inventory management software is, first and foremost, a tool. A skilled carpenter wouldn’t buy a new hammer without holding it in hand and carefully analyzing how well it’s balanced. Similarly, a business should first test the selected inventory management system before purchasing a multi-user license.

Some vendors allow customers to test their inventory management software free of charge, while others avoid such practices for various reasons. Among those inventory management software solutions that can be tested for free for up to 15 days is Network Inventory Advisor.

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor is a popular asset management solution capable of automatically collecting relevant data on all connected devices and software resources across the network.

Network Inventory Advisor supports product from virtually all major vendors, including Adobe and Microsoft.

Network Inventory Advisor is designed to be a complete inventory management solution. As such, it tracks software, hardware, licenses, and all other assets that businesses may find in their possession, like office equipment and furniture.

IT administrators can greatly benefit from using Network Inventory Advisor to monitor network inventory and performance. Due to the complexity of modern information technology infrastructures, it’s often difficult to discover the exact cause of network-wide slowdowns and failures. Network Inventory Advisor can not only automatically discover all devices on the network but also keep an eye on their usage and status.

Executives can generate detailed usage reports to renegotiate vendor licensing agreements thanks to the License Manager feature, which monitors the number of license activations and tracks their expiration dates, helping businesses maintain software license compliance and prepare for auditing.

Network Inventory Advisor can be downloaded for free and tested for up to 15 days. The price of the software depends on how many nodes a business wants to inventory — from 25 to unlimited. Special discounts are available for non-profits, government institutions, and educational organizations.

Using the Network Inventory Advisor Inventory Management App

Network Inventory Advisor has been designed with usability in mind. The simple installation process should be instantly familiar to anyone with basic computer experience. Once the installation is complete, Network Inventory Advisor is ready for use.

When the software first starts, it asks the user to answer a series of questions that optimize Network Inventory Advisor for better performance. Then, a large Start Network Inventory Advisor button appears, leading to a welcome screen with Run scan wizard button.

Before the first scan, Network Inventory Advisor asks for administrative credentials and gives the user the option to save them for future use. Advanced options are also available for those who would like to perform a custom scan. A new window appears, showing the scanning progress and several post-scan options. Once finished, all discovered assets become accessible from the main interface.

The simplicity of the scanning process is how Network Inventory Advisor reduces the time it takes businesses to audit their information technology assets from days and weeks to minutes.

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