Terms of sale

At ClearApps we want to ensure that you make a solid informed decision before your purchase.

With that in mind we highly encourage you to explore the product pages of our website to obtain comprehensive product information; we also recommend you take advantage of our free 10-node version software download, where it is available, to evaluate the product before you buy a bigger license.

The return policy for extended licenses is 15 days from the date of purchase. Therefore in the event that you need to return Network Inventory Advisor you must make your request within 15 days of your purchase.

A signed Letter of Destruction must be received by postal mail or fax before ClearApps will authorize the refund. To obtain an LOD, please e-mail us at help@clearapps.com

Once your refund request has been reviewed, the Letter of Destruction has been received, and we approve the refund; we will send our consent to process the refund to the processing party. The amount of time it takes to process the refund will depend how soon we receive your response(s). Your refund will be credited to the credit card charged during your original transaction. We will contact you by email to confirm the refund has been completed. We don’t approve all refund requests; only those requests will be approved that we find reasonable enough. For instance, we won’t refund your order if you just changed your mind about Network Inventory Advisor, or if you didn’t use the free version to check product’s features before buying the license.

.updated: February 6, 2014 author: jeff