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    The new major version of Network Inventory Advisor is now available for download. Today we released version 3.9. Here’s the original blog post. The full list of changes follows:

    • INTRODUCED: native scan of Linux nodes
    • INTRODUCED: 4 new reports on software (software changes report among them)
    • INTRODUCED: new alert on software change
    • INTRODUCED: data on antiviruses in tabular reports
    • INTRODUCED: SSH connection timeout for better scanning of Macs and Linux nodes
    • ENHANCED: antiviruses and firewalls detection on Windows Vista and 7
    • ENHANCED: status detection of Windows Defender
    • ENHANCED: reading of the total amount of RAM (Network Inventory Advisor might have reported it wrong for some virtual machines in the past)
    • ENHANCED: enumerated data in tabular reports is now split by semicolon when being exported into XML
    • ENHANCED: visual enhancements of the Reports History
    • ENHANCED: several minor improvements in GUI (Windows 2000)
    • ENHANCED: sender can be specified for emails by the scheduler
    • FIXED: manually added nodes can no longer be renamed into an empty string
    • FIXED: now DDR2 memory type is correctly displayed in memory properties
    • FIXED: occasional crash when exporting “All software” report
    • FIXED: when selecting nodes in Reports Wizard selection of nodes with the spacebar did not work correctly
    • FIXED: calculation of virtual memory -> paging file load
    • FIXED: crash during exporting data snapshot which is no longer present on the disk
    • FIXED: occasional crash on erroneous command-line input
    • FIXED: crash when printing “All software” report for a group of nodes
    • FIXED: memory details in tabular reports that include Macs
    • FIXED: canceling scheduled tasks
    • FIXED: export of nodes’ types in network summary
    • FIXED: Network Inventory Advisor would not start if a group had slash (/) in the name
    • FIXED: renaming of a group will no longer lead to the loss of the group summary
    • FIXED: exporting reports from the scanning scheduler
    • FIXED: some times tabular report would display incorrect value for CPU -> “64-bit OS ready” field

    Unfortunately we were not able to address the issue with MS Office 2010 serial keys, but I can assure you we are working on it right now and the other update will be uploaded soon; we will announce it accordingly.

    You can download Network Inventory Advisor 3.9 right away. Post here if you have any comments or send us an email.

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