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    Vn 3.95 (build 3.95.1722)
    Tried running search network places, which usually takes about 20mins to find all the units(890), this time it came back instantly with only 30 units.
    Is this a problem in Network Advisor or is it something external that is stopping me seeing all the units?



    This is a system feature. I guess Windows acts like this.



    Update. Possible cause of problem.
    Local Windows Server support “The Computer Browser service is disabled by default on windows 2008 because it uses the legacy NETBIOS system. The domain controller that holds the PDC role at MRP is running Windows 2008, so the Computer Browser service is disabled. When the computer browser service is disabled on the domain controller that holds the PDC role, NETBIOS browsing of the whole network fails.”

    More details on TechNet Blog

    Any thoughts?





    Dear Vic,

    Did you try to apply the solution provided on TechNet Blog:

    “To resolve this problem, you can set the Computer Browser service to Automatic on the DC holding the PDC role. You will need File and Printer sharing On in the Network and Sharing Center, otherwise the Computer Browser service will fail to start since the required ports will not be open” ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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