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    I have e-mailed the premium support address numerous times on this issue, without a response. It doesn’t bode well.

    I have an ongoing issue when trying to conduct a software audit.


    I have a computer which is no longer on site, call it “Machine1”. It was last on the network on the 2nd May, no problem, I will be able to use the previous snapshot to collect it’s Software Inventory.

    However, I have another machine, “Machine2”. It is currently active on the network.

    I notice when looking for a particular piece of software (which I know is installed on Machine1), it doesn’t list “Machine1” as having it installed?

    As a troubleshooting step I attempt to run a “Scan this asset” on “Machine1”, I notice post scanning, it has moved the information to “Machine2”.

    Further investigation leads me to see that during the last snapshot for “Machine1” it’s IP address was *.*.*.181. I also notice the “Machine2” is currently allocated exactly the same IP address (*.*.*.181).

    Therefore I am unable to access “Machine1” Software inventory information because another machine is actively using the same IP as stored in the snapshot for “Machine1”.

    This has happened on more than one occasion.

    There HAS to be a way to avoid/stop this happening. We are relying on this information to conduct software audits and so far I am unable to use it confidently. Can you please assist?

    I look forward to hearing from you.




    Just thought I would update this post.

    The issue is STILL ongoing, with little or no real answers from Clear Apps.

    The only suggestions is to increase the “Do Not Update Node Details Until They Are More Than” field, which isn’t really a suggestion as I need to update information on nodes which are modified regularly.

    Another examples is a machine (EX1) which hasn’t been switched on since Feb. Running a Network Summary (which I use to collate license compliance information, so I need all Nodes accounted for), automatically moves the Snapshot to another machine. Meaning EX1 isn’t accounted for in the Summary. Poor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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