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    I have problem with showing scan results. Scan of any PC complets fine with 100% but when I try to look something in results – it’s shows nothing. Writes “no data on this item…” even on “My PC”.
    I think there is a some problems in installed NIA. Because everything working on nearest PCs.
    So, ho can I fix problem with showing results or just fully remove NIA from PC even with regestration info? Maybe full reinstallation of application can solve this problem.

    What I already tryed to do:
    1) Uninstall application from ‘start’ menu
    2) Removed everything what consist ‘clearapps’ from Registry and folders on hdd
    3) Reinstalled NIA in different folder.
    4) Reboot server

    System OS – Win2008R2 sp1
    NIA ver. – 3.95 (last from web site)



    Have you tried exporting the audit agent and doing a manual scan and then re-importing the agent?



    NIA normally gather information. But it can’t show it in usual way.
    I found some workaround for my problem:
    1) Launch NIA
    2) Click on any previously discovered PC.
    3) Wait until in categories appears signs “no data on this item…”
    4) In right upper corner switch NIAs language to any other
    5) Wait 3-5 min.
    6) Appears window “demo version reminder” even if I already registered this instance. Press “continue trial”
    7) Click on any previously discovered PC and you can see all previously discovered information!
    For some functions you need to reenter registration code.



    Hi guys, me and the whole team find this workaround a bit weird, and we do believe that the problem was in the license code that you were using. We would be glad to investigate the case again if you run into it in the future.



    Hmm. Maybe it really was because of “problem license code”. Problem solved on third code that I’d received from your support team.
    But everything works normally on winXP with first license code…
    So, anyway thanks for attention.



    Thank you, too

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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