System Requirements

Network Inventory Advisor does not require any pre-requisites like .Net Framework, or Java installed. It is written in C++ and MFC, and will run natively in any Windows OS starting with Windows 95. Using Windows 2000/XP or greater operating systems for the admin PC provides the smoothest user experience. Any system capable of running any of these operating systems will be capable of running Network Inventory Advisor. Performance can vary, based on system and network resources available, and can be customized through NIA’s settings to reflect the realities of your individual setup and polling needs.

OS Runs Inventories remotely Inventories locally
Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2 Yes Yes Yes
Windows 8 (x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows 7 (x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows Server 2008 (x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows Vista (all editions, x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows Server 2003 (x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Professional (x32 & x64) Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Media Center Edition (original, 2003, 2004, 2005) Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (original & 2005) Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Home Edition Yes No Yes
Windows 2000 Yes Yes Yes
Windows NT4 No Yes Yes
Windows 9x/Me No Yes, requires WMI core Yes, requires WMI core
Mac OS X Yes Yes Yes
Linux Coming soon Yes Yes
FreeBSD Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
SNMP-devices Yes



Network Inventory Advisor requires correct configuration of inventoried nodes, please, refer to Troubleshooting in case something doesn’t work as expected.

Windows-based systems are inventoried using WMI remotely, or using a small agent utility which is deployed remotely using RPC/DCOM and run in target systems. Users can switch between these 2 modes whenever they like, or try them consecutively. Macs are inventoried via SSH connection. Network Inventory Advisor analyses and builds reports based on WMI data collected from Windows machines, and System Profiler data from Macs. When scanned with an agent, reports may contain additional data, which is not supplied by WMI or System Profiler.

.updated: September 30, 2016 author: jeff