Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.127 is here

Network Inventory Advisor 5.0

We’re happy to inform you of the new minor release of Network Inventory Advisor, v 5.0.127. The release includes fixes for the issues kindly reported by our users. See the changelog below for details.

  • Added: Offline activation
  • Improved: Autodesk software recognition during license audit
  • Improved: “Software – by title” reports
  • Improved: Overall stability during reinstallation of the software
  • Improved: The software now monitors and offers updates with What’s New info
  • Improved: Microsoft Office details display in Tabular Report
  • Improved: Tabular Reports now include Windows OS activation status
  • Improved: Overall license activation improvements
  • Fixed: “Last updated” section is populated properly in Tabular Reports now
  • Fixed: Snapshot import issues in case a node was moved to another group
  • Fixed: Empty files creation during the export of macOS nodes data

You can download the new version of Network Inventory Advisor here or just follow the auto-update hints in any of the previous Network Inventory Advisor releases.

.updated: March 11, 2018 author: Network Inventory Advisor