Main Interface

The main display is the primary graphical interface through which the user interacts with Network Inventory Advisor. The scanning, pre-configuration and installation wizards are all covered in the installation section. This page examines the various menus available after the initial installation and scan.

The upper right-left corner of the display offers access to a pull-down menu of general operational features. It allows the user to learn about the software,  check for the latest NIA news, adjust settings, change licensing and access the various troubleshooting and support options.

The reaming menus are clustered on 2 tab-accessible ribbons beneath that: Inventory and Reports.

The Inventory tab provides access to the software’s tools for collecting data and scanning your network. The bottom half of the main display presents, on the left-hand side,  a network tree. This provides a branching list of all the assets scanned. The right-hand pane provides details relating to the particular asset or group selected. It looks like this:

Further information about the inventory functions can be found on their own page.

The Report tab provides access to tools for using the data collected to build reports that are clear and offer actionable information based on trends analysis. It is accessible by clicking directly on the “Reports” tab in the upper left-hand corner of the interface. In reports view, the network tree pane is replaced with a reports tree, and the detail view pane shifts its focus to whichever report is being addressed.

Further information about the reporting functions can be found on their own page.

.updated: November 1, 2018 author: jeff