Update: Network Inventory Advisor 4.1.2586

Before we dig into the new version of Network Inventory Advisor, we wanted to let you know that we got reviewed not so long ago by Frederick Barton from findmysoft.com. Here’s what he had to say about our product:

“Network Inventory Advisor can gather a vast range of information about remote computers. The information is neatly organized in numerous categories. You can generate a wide array of reports and export them in various formats.”

Thanks, Frederick, for this review, and a nice video that your team compiled.

Today, our team is really proud to announce Network Inventory Advisor 4.1! This update is a big important step for us. While you might not see many new features in it, we actually implemented a few important internal updates, which should become a solid basis for the next major release of Network Inventory Advisor for Windows with a full-featured database backend. Meanwhile, here’s what we are ready to show you in 4.1:

  • We added MS SQL Server to license audit module, Network Inventory Advisor now collects its editions and license keys
  • Speed: Active Directory structure compilation (for 1000+ nodes)
  • Enhanced: MS Office license info collection prevents occasional non-existent entries appearing in the report
  • We also introduced a number of command-line interface improvements and fixes (export, localization, etc.)
  • Software audit no longer misses applications with a slash in the title
  • We improved Linux inventory and exporting into internal format
  • Network Inventory Advisor app is now digitally signed
  • Fixed: exporting Users data into PDF could lead to incorrect user status being listed in the report
  • Fixed: now the “login as current user” option correctly works when connecting to Active Directory
  • Internet Explorer 10 is no longer detected as Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed: data snapshot may have stayed on disk after node’s deletion if the node had a long name
  • We fixed occasional crashes when navigating to Hardware -> Devices
  • Fixed: more data importing and snapshots pruning stabilization fixes
  • Fixed: exporting Software customizable reports into PDF
  • A number of less important fixes and changes


Another improved new version is already uploaded to our server. Network Inventory Advisor 4.1.2586 is here. Here’s what we worked on:

  • we improved Adobe license audit. More effective license collection algorithms in place for old and new Adobe releases.
  • customizable reports on software can now be generated using our scheduler and command-line interface.
  • we also improved identification of nodes that don’t respond to inventory requests, now they stay in the scanning list and can be added as manual nodes
  • “Node group” is available in tabular reports as a separate data field
  • we polished collection of Windows 8 product keys and serial numbers


A previous minor update Network Inventory Advisor 4.1.2492 (released on October 23rd, 2013) added the following improvements to our license inventory modules:

  • MS Office 2013 license audit
  • new Autodesk applications prefixed 2014 added to the inventory database
  • some improvements in Active Directory node list collection
  • fixes in software report by serial numbers
  • fixed Autodesk licenses collection on Windows 8 when nodes are audited with an agent


Thanks for staying with Network Inventory Advisor! Our Mac release is already available as well.


.updated: February 6, 2014 author: jeff