General Settings

On both the Inventory and Reports tab ribbons, you can get access to Network Inventory Advisor’s Options/settings browser easily. Simply click the “Settings” icon on the right of the Inventory ribbon, or the same Icon under the “Options” pull-down on the Report ribbon. By default, you will be taken to the General heading, where you can configure basic interface options.

Under the Interface heading, you can select how Network Inventory Advisor behaves when minimized. The Scanning heading provides various options which affect scanning behavior. The number of simultaneous scanning threads selected can affect performance considerably, especially over slower networks and with older hardware. Mac, Linux and SNMP-powered devices (such as VOIP phones) can also be either included in or excluded from regular scans. A general time horizon for updating node information can be set, as well as an option relating to the auto-deletion of imported data. Finally, under the Reporting heading, two default behaviors when constructing reports can be turned off to ensure greater reporting accuracy.

.updated: February 6, 2014 author: jeff