Scanning results in ‘Unknown error 0x80041003’, what can be done?

Solution: This error translates as “The current user does not have permission to perform the action”. You might run into this error message when the user account you are scanning your network with does not have the required WMI privileges. As we mentioned before, the user account has to have administrator rights in target system, as well as have specific privileges enabled. First of all, you’ll have to check the namespace security of the remote system. To do this, get to the remote asset, access the WMI Control and the Security tab in the Computer Management Console:

  • Right-click “My computer”, and select “Manage”
  • Double-click “Services and Applications” and then double-click “WMI Control”
  • Right-click “WMI Control” and select “Properties”
  • Go to “Security” tab
  • Expand the “Root” category and navigate to “CIMV2” namespace, highlight it
  • Now, please, click “Security”. If the user you use to login to this PC is on the list which appears, modify the permissions in the following way: add “network service” account (from local computer accounts) and Administrator account. If the user is not on the list, click the Add button, and add the user from the location (local machine, domain, etc.) where the account resides
  • To be able to configure namespace security, the user must have Read Security and Edit Security privileges. Administrators have them by default, and can assign the permissions to other users
  • Enable “Remote Enable” permission
  • By default, user account privileges set on a namespace are applied only to that same namespace. If you want the user to have access to all subnamespaces click the Advanced button. Click Edit and specify the scope of access in the dialog box which follows.
  • If the above steps don’t fix the issue, do the same for “Default” namespace
.updated: January 24, 2017 author: jeff