Downloading the latest version

It’s always easy to get the latest version of Network Inventory Advisor directly from our website.

All you need to do is download the new public version which is available under the download link, and you are ready to use it immediately. Usually there are 2 public links to stable versions available:

Direct website link
Fast-server link

Both links lead to the same files. If you are interested in beta builds, please, contact us, as we don’t run public beta campaigns or releases; still we’ll be glad to share new features with you and hear what you think before the release. In case either of these links doesn’t work, please, contact us ASAP.

Please note that Network Inventory Advisor contains certain code which may trigger false positives for virus contamination in some commercial anti-virus programs. Such warnings can safely be ignored, as this is a know issue with some non-malicious code required for NIA’s correct functionality.

.updated: November 14, 2018 author: jeff