Version 4 delivered

Welcome to the New and Improved Network Inventory Advisor 4. We have added 14+ major new features since the last release. We have also introduced 11+ improvements to existing features, and more than ten fixes for known bug issues. Combined, these elements make Network Inventory Advisor a flexible, reliable platform for monitoring all manner of computers and other networked information storage and processing appliances.

Changes added to Network Inventory Advisor 4:

New: Meet the crispy completely reworked user interface with improved data navigation! We heard you and delivered the all-new report sidebar. This provides fast and accurate access to any node information. Now, when you select a  data category to examine, it does not change when you navigate through your networks.

New: Networks management is now a real breeze. Are you an MSP, or just a professional network consultant? Isolate your clients’ data by networks you inventory, switch among them easily and quickly. You can also import a network from its ‘information’ folder, to add it as a new network in your
networks list.

New: Full-blown licenses audit is integrated in Network Inventory Advisor 4. You kept asking for this feature since day one. Now, whenever you scan a computer, you will get the list of all the license codes that can be collected (including all products by Autodesk, Microsoft, Corel, Adobe, and other vendors.) You can now enjoy individual licensing reports by node, or collect all license keys in a joint network-level report. A new software report format includes listing all license codes, and detailed reports are now enriched with a licensing section. By deploying Network Inventory Advisor 4, you can keep any pirated applications from being installed on your network. If you are a software vendor, you can use Network Inventory Advisor to audit your clients and find out how they comply with your company’s licensing requirements.

New: Now any report can be exported to .PDF format.

New: Looking for a specific node? Now you can search and filter nodes in the network tree. Just start typing the name of the node in question, and the view on the tree will jump closer to it with each successive keystroke.

New: You can skip nodes during scanning, which is convenient for unreachable or disconnected nodes.

New: Windows Experience Index is now collected from some Windows nodes (Vista, 7, 8).

New: Network Inventory Advisor detects multiple monitors while scanning.

New: Now reports can be easily imported and exported (using internal file format) to simplify their exchange and management and improve security of the transferred data.

New: Right-click menu in the Reports tree (Reports tab) lets you quickly run or delete a specific report.

New: Device driver’s date and version are shown in the report.

New: Date of the last installation of updates and full name of the active user were added into Tabular report.

New: Quick duplication of manual nodes.

New: You will now find important news on updates and fixes, as well as your license details, in the app’s status bar.

Improved: Farewell to notes. Yes, we gave up personal notes in favor of custom fields. You may find your old notes in the Tabular report, if you want to keep them.

Improved: Running software reports becomes more effective. We isolated those numerous Windows hotfixes and updates from the main body of the software report. They are now listed under their own Hotfixes section.

Improved: Scanning for MS Office now also detects Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project.

Improved: Details collected about a computer’s CPU are more precise now. We also added CPU multiplier to the list of collected fields.

Improved: The progress bar when actively scanning is more precise now.

Improved: Network Inventory Advisor is much faster now, thanks to optimized data loading and data segregation.

Improved: Laptops are assigned with a better node type (Laptop) than they used to be assigned (Mobile PC.)

Improved: Network summary now shows shortened list of nodes in Locations section, to optimize CPU load.

Improved: Scheduler is now capable of exporting new data in NIA’s internal format.

Improved: Tabular report now correctly sorts fields for memory and disk size.

Improved: Admin name and signature are now also available in Tabular, Detailed and software reports.

Fixed: Yeah, we were finally able to fix that old annoying node duplication bug, the one
related to DHCP networks and nodes with the same network names.

Fixed: When reports are exported into HTML, company logo and auditor’s signature are saved.

Fixed: Connection to Active Directory if the domain controller uses LDAP Signing.

Fixed: Localized versions of Network Inventory Advisor could be wrong on the software status in the “By version” pre-defined report.

Fixed: Node’s IP-address and network name are saved correctly when you export data using command-line interface.

Fixed: Sometimes Linux scanning could be unexpectedly stopped at collecting network information.

Fixed: Copying data from Scan Log is now possible, in case you need to share it with your team, or our support people.

Fixed: Scanned Linux nodes could list no “Number of logical processors” in Tabular reports.

Fixed: Custom fields are now exported correctly from a tabular report.

Fixed: Reported crashes and other internal errors.

We have also changed our licensing policy, and so from now on Network Inventory Advisor is completely free for 10 nodes for personal use. Ever planned to keep a good inventory of your household computers? Wait no more! Grab a copy of Network Inventory Advisor and get a nice overview of your local network within minutes. All reports are completely exportable and printable.

.updated: February 6, 2014 author: jeff