Hardware Inventory with Network Inventory Advisor

Hardware asset management is made easy and straightforward with Network Inventory Advisor. The software collects all necessary data about devices on the network, including CPU, memory, operating system, audio & video, and peripherals.

Manage your Hardware Assets in the best manner

It is a known fact that software asset management (SAM) helps save money, but do you know enough about effective Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and whether it can help your savings? There is definitely a potential for great savings on hardware (desktops, laptops, physical servers) and software thanks to Network Inventory Advisor.

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) covers the management of physical components as well as networks starting from procurement to the retirement of an asset. HAM processes need to be incorporated in organizations' routine and aligned with other IT processes for the most effective result. Hardware needs proper management just like software, assets should be properly maintained from the moment of request till retirement. And it won't only save the money, but will definitely have an impact on how much time will be needed to fix any hardware issues.

Lifecycle of Hardware

Hardware asset management may need a slightly different approach than software one, but it is still equally important. The main stages of a hardware assets life cycle are:

  • Hardware Request
  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Use (Any issues? Needs upgrade? Accidental damages)
  • Storage/Not in use
  • End of warranty or maintenance
  • Retirement
  • Disposal

The disposal stage doesn't have to be wasteful - depending on your country there are various ways to dispose of old hardware in an environmentally friendly way. Some businesses will buy old hardware from an organization and resell them as ‘refurbished’. Hardware can also be properly recycled, given to charity or to a school, depending on its current state.

Why Hardware Inventory is good for IT departments

Both hardware and software inventory are rather beneficial not just for administrative tasks in your business but also for helping IT asset management. IT department needs to have an up-to-date information on the assets used in organization along with their location, user info, network configuration data, the services they support and key financial info. This also means knowing what machines are used, where they are located and what software programs an end-user is entitled to have. With proper hardware inventory management you are getting the important information on whether the computers on the network need an operating system upgrade or whether they are in need of a hardware that is required for a software upgrade.

Hardware asset management is financially advantageous

Tracking the financial data according to a hardware life cycle assists in making business decisions based on meaningful and measurable financial objectives. It helps planning an IT budget for upcoming years both for software and hardware expenses, giving a justification for hardware asset management and offering convenient transparency to the IT stakeholders.

Having the hardware and software inventory under control allows spending less time and money each year, because it is clearly visible whether any units need to be replaced, upgraded or accounted for, or simply left to be. Also being aware of the department and the exact location of a hardware asset allows for quick relocation of the machines that are no longer used for some reason, instead of ordering new ones. A useful feature of a hardware inventory software is also of keeping a record of ‘in stock’ assets that are ready for deployment. Using a quality hardware inventory software solution is definitely a double win in terms of your time and financial investment.

The return of investment in terms of hardware management is very similar to software, the savings are most substantial in the beginning, and with time become less noticeable, however are stable and beneficial in the long run. IT budget becomes much more friendly as you go, just like with software.

An effective, properly organized hardware asset management setup means time and financial savings, which speeds up Service Level Agreements (SLA's) for hardware requests or incidents, and will generally create a smoother hardware inventory management. The end user of hardware is not really going to be as affected by any timing issues, because the "downtime" will be drastically reduced.

Network Inventory Advisor - Hardware Inventory Software

Network Inventory Advisor allows managing multiple systems or networks in the most professional way. It offers such important features as software license management as well as hardware and software inventory. Hardware inventory queries computers on the network in agentless mode directly (WMI) or with an agent utility. When inventorying with an agent you can get more specific information on certain hardware classes in some cases.

Network Inventory Advisor provides you with the network summary which reports on all hardware devices in inventoried networks.This way you are getting great basic statistics for your use. Then there are customizable reports, which allow more flexibility.
Hardware Inventory Software

Gather, store, analyze

We absolutely understand that setting up a structured hardware inventory can be challenging, especially in multi-platform or not well organized networks. However working toward proper setup with scheduled network scanning will be rewarding in the long run.

Network Inventory Advisor can handle the hardware audits of any complexity providing you with the most current data on the hardware in your network within minutes. Hardware and software inventory are handled brilliantly with Network Inventory Advisor monitoring solution!
Scheduled network scanning

Stay on top of your hardware inventory

It is rather important, wouldn't you agree? Being prepared for hardware audit, tax related issues, or simply to save money is what Network Inventory Advisor is good for. It is fast, highly efficient, and neat. Network Inventory Advisor is always your best way to manage hardware inventory. Our hardware inventory scanner doesn't care whether your network is big or small, how much it changes and how quickly, the service meticulously builds a rich database that you can utilize toward your needs.
Hardware inventory

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Build a rich database containing detailed information about the computers in your organization by collecting hardware inventory data with Network Inventory Advisor.