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Professional Network Inventory Software. Free trial.

Automatically collect all relevant data on all network devices and get detailed OS and devices statistics. Add custom data like service tags, inventory numbers, costs, locations and even create custom nodes. Track important changes in your network.

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Network software inventory and licenses compliance audit are the key features of Network Inventory Advisor: you can easily track installations, software versions, licenses and services on all computers.

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Scan for CPU, memory, system, audio & video, peripherals and other hardware details remotely. Easily plan mass upgrades, troubleshoot hardware problems, know the make and model of your company's equipment.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide:

Network Inventory Advisor provides scalable and cost-effective solution allowing us to manage and audit our network easily. Jeff Blume, RFMD

More features of Network Inventory Advisor:

Computer Inventory

All your PC audit reports in one place! Network Inventory Advisor features several types of scanning to ensure fast & reliable computer inventory. You can inventory every computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux in your network, even offline ones. Network SNMP devices are also supported.

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Asset Management

Easily add even non-IT assets to the inventory. With our PC inventory software you can track and report on standalone assets, like printers, keyboards, sound devices, even your office furniture.

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Network Management

Keep your network up and running smoothly with Network Inventory Advisor. Keep track of your hardware and software resources, repairs and upgrades. System, configuration, performance and security management are all included in Network Inventory Advisor and more!

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License Audit

Stay compliant with vendor requirements: easily determine if you have the right amount of licenses for installed software. Network Inventory Advisor remotely collects licensing information for more than 500 independent software vendors, including Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

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ClearApps Network Inventory Advisor Voted Readers' Choice Award Winner in 2012!